The Act & Art of Carriage

When we talk about 'smart transportation,' it is more than moving cargo from A to B. Digitization within transport and logistics means seamless service to our customers, visibility in the supply chain, and driving a more efficient business. – Soren Skou

Transportation is the key to Logistics Execution. LMT brings together a large ecosystem of Transporters, Brokers and Truck owners to provide On Demand transportation services. Distribution efficiency depends on how effectively and efficiently you blend in the transportation to synergise with the objectives. Traditionally transportation is categorised in distribution as:

  • In City Distribution
  • Up Country Distribution
  • Long Haul

Full Truck Loads

LMT Enterprise Transport Desk enables customer to choose from a large pool of FTL operators assembled through a network of Transporters, Brokers and Truck Owners. LMT ETD updates the current availability situation on real time and also provides capability of Return Load Optimisation for cost effective and faster replenishment of stock. Our Transport Desk Executives at all the warehouses can be contacted for FTL procurement.

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FTL Specialist

Your Smart Procurement Assistant for Transportation

Part Truck Loads

LMT Eco system network helps to select best fit Part Truck Load solutions to match the speed and cost of distribution. The Transport Desk at all the distribution centres of LMT help stich together a dispatch plan for Part Loads. The customer will have access to a host of applications which help them plan the shipment based on the speed and cost of deliveries. LMT can help you track part loads across 185+ part load service providers.

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Part Load Dispatch Planner

Your Smart Procurement Assistant for Part Loads

Enterprise Transport Desk (ETD)

ETD is your Smart Procurement Assistant for Transportation providing you a complete range of Services:

  • Design Special Projects in Transportation
  • Shipment to Load Planning
  • Smart Procurement using our Private Freight Exchange solution
  • Consignment Tracking
  • Freight Settlement
  • Performance Dash boards

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Enterprise Transport Desk

Your Smart Procurement Assistant for Transportation

We handle your single shipments and your frequent deliveries with equal amount of professionalism and commitment.

We aim to be the first choice of our customers for groupage, part load and full load transports and for special equipment.

As our customer, you will benefit from a full Track & Trace of your shipments using our AI driven Freight Dashboards.

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