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LMT Enterprise Transport Desk (ETD) helps customers with Distribution Businesses to aggregate all transport procurement and tracking activities under one platform giving them an Eagle’s eye view of enterprise wide transportation. Key Benefits from implementing the Enterprise Transport Desk are:

  • Faster Replenishment at Predictive Costs & Availability
  • Opportunity to Centralise Freight Procurement
  • Compare Contractual Vs Spot Bid Rates
  • Increase Truck Fill Rates by 15 – 20%
  • Rule Based Allocation of Loads to Vendors
  • Convert more PTLs to FTLs & Milk Runs
  • Better Visibility of fulfilment to all stake holders
  • Intervene into the transport execution on a Pre- Failure mode
  • Predictive ETA – Delivering Brand Promise to Customers.

Easy To Implement No Change Management

No Manual Entry Of Data

No Capex Investment


Frequently asked questions

Why should a Nationwide Distribution Company hire a 4PL?

With a single interface, you are not required to work directly with a large number of companies that provide your services. That keeps the time and money spent on your logistics lower, and can make it easier for you to keep everything running smoothly. Transportation partners lack uniformity and consistency, smaller players who are cost effective lack end-to-end visibility across supply chain and the right cultural alignment with the right set of LSPs help create consistency and predictability on the supply side of transportation.

What are the main benefits of hiring a 4PL?
  • Single point of contact
  • Open-book management, full transparency
  • Industry best practices benchmarking
  • Data ownership & visibility (reporting)
  • Material flows optimization
  • Substantial logistics costs savings
  • Gain in productivity
  • Global sourcing strategy & synergies
How will the 4PL integrate into our Supply Chain Execution team?

The 4PL implementation is a combination of Technology and Skilled Manpower resources. The 4PL brings a technology platform which will onboard the entire Logistics Vendors and also map all facilities where the vendors provide the service. The Managed Services team integrates with your Corporate and Filed Logistics teams and provide them a Hawk Eye of the Supply Chain execution within the enterprise.

When is the right stage to avail a 4PL service for distribution

A 4PL intervention in a large Distribution network is validated when the complexities of catering to multiple channels of distribution exist. A large number of stock points and downstream sales points managed by multiple logistics service providers with a multitude of contracts with varying rates and models.

What are the technology initiatives of a 4PL?

Even though there are a lot of fancy and impressive things people use to draw you in, it doesn’t always mean that it will do anything for your business. Find a 4PL company that has invested time and resources into improving not only their own technologies but also the technology they offer their customers; it is important to give your customers real solutions.

How Does The 4PL Manage Talent?

Pay attention to what 4PLs are doing to keep and retain their top talents. A 4PL’s talent is especially relevant in your search if they are somehow going to be acting as an extension of your own customer service team. Remember, when hiring a 4PL, you are not just choosing a logistics provider, you may be very well be hiring your own customer service representatives to represent your own brand.

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