Reaching Products at the Right Time, Right Place and at the Right Quantities

It is not the Best Product which wins in the market – It is the best Supply Chain.

In a supply chain, a distribution network is an interconnected group of storage facilities and transportation systems that receive inventories of goods and then deliver them to customers. It is an intermediate point to get products from the manufacturer to the end customer, either directly or through a retail network. Availability of products on the shelf when the customer wants is the key performance measure for any distribution network. Lastmile helps customers to plan, execute and monitor their distribution through the facilities and services provided by Lastmile.

We help you design your distribution network based on the Centre of Gravity of demand for the products. Our Solution Design team works closely with our customers to continuously monitor and optimise the network and as a result – optimise cost.

We are your Go-to-Market partner helping businesses to achieve the targeted width and depth of distribution for their products. We facilitate distribution through a network of our Distribution Centres spread across the country with attached transportation facilities.

We help businesses in India to sell through all channels like Dealer/Distributors, Direct to Retail, Rural Van Sales, Modern Format replenishments, E-Commerce platforms and Online Retail with direct to home deliveries through an On Demand Logistics Execution Network.


Frequently asked questions

Do you provide Dedicated or Shared Warehouses for Stock Points

LMT provides both Dedicated Facilities and Shared Facilities across India. The decision is based upon the throughput and velocity of Inventory justifying the cost of distribution. A mix of the above models are also possible where you have seasonal spike in the stock or have larger skews in a month.

How do you assure transportation services on demand from your facilities

LMT has a large eco-system of transporters and truck owners attached to each facility for Full Truck Load and Part Truck Load services. Customers can search rates and vendors on our portal and engage with them through the Enterprise Transport Desk.

What models of Pricing do you offer for distribution services

We understand that different products have different needs of distribution. Hence we offer pricing models like – Cost+ Management Fee / Gain Based Models like upper capping Logistics cost by charging a % of the Invoice value / Dynamic Pricing Models like Pay-as-you-use for overflow inventory storage and distribution projects.

Do you have the competency to recommend solutions like Network Design & Network Optimisation?

LMT has empanelled an eco-system of highly experienced consultants in our Solution Design team. The Logisticians at our SD team can help with consulting services like Network Design, Network Transport Optimisation, Warehouse Layout Design, Loading Plans etc.

What Visibility will you provide for the Distribution Services?

LMT has a home grown solution named VITAARA which helps the customers Plan and Execute their distribution based out of multiple facilities with a single dashboard view. Vitaara tracks all shipments across modes and across vendors to provide you a consolidated view of your network with drill down to individual transactions.

Do you provide strategically located Shared Regional Distribution Centres facilitating quicker entry to Markets?

YES. LMT is targeting to open its first Regional Distribution Park in Barhi, Jharkhand to facilitate quick and trouble free entry to Eastern India Markets. Other Parks are planned in Barracuda, Guwahati and Bangalore.

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Distribution Services Specialist

Our Distribution Specialists will assist you with your requirement of distribution for any given geography by matching facilities and transportation.

Network Optimization Specialist

Our consultants shall support you in all aspects of planning your Network to suit your cost and service benchmarks using the most advanced planning tools in the industry.

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