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Agile Supply Chains have taken the Lead over LEAN Supply Chains in this era of uncertainty. Warehousing as an upstream inventory is the need in any distribution driven supply chains. The need for flexible and scalable warehouse solutions is growing as supply chain operators try to meet rising industry challenges and consumer demands. With the GST scenario in Indian Business, Upstream Consolidation of inventory is changing to that of a location where the Centre of Gravity of demand is mapped to.

Lastmile has identified locations for optimized distribution of products in East and South India and building the infrastructure to support the new model of distribution. Whether it’s finding the perfect location and building a distribution center from the ground up or managing an existing facility, our solutions include designing a layout and implementing processes, equipment, and visibility tools to help you improve efficiency and customer service levels.


Warehouse Area Managed 1 Mn SFT
No. of Locations (India) 24
No. of Warehouses 50+
No. of Skilled Manpower 380+
Flow through Inventory Value Rs 1600 Cr.
Orders processed per day 1000+
Delivery Locations Covered 3000
Vehicle Placements per Month 3500+
Productivity Projects 19+

Best-In-Class WMS implemented to provide processes and business intelligence reports based on your needs.

Trained and Qualified Team for Operations deployed from our Rural Education Program Centers at Barhi and Kolkata.

Our Warehouse Project Team makes the commissioning of a new facility or shifting from another facility a breeze.

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