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Overcoming disruptive industry challenges to meet rising consumer demands is the prime of Agile Supply Chains. This requires an adaptive Logistics Execution Process with end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and distribution capabilities that meet demands today and in the future. As an emerging fully integrated Logistics Provider in the industry, Lastmile can provide services like Warehousing and Transportation, or can outsource the function of Logistics and provide Metamediary Services of Managed 4PL. The Contract Logistics Practise at Lastmile helps brands build bonds with their customers by delivering their brand promise to them consistently.

Design & Implementation of the Warehousing Format as per your Inventory Velocity supported by a professional team of Logiticians.

Our Feet-On-Street Execution is matched by an Intelligent IT platform delivering Supply Chain Dashboards to Manage By Exception.

We aim to be the First Choice of Multi-Tier Distribution driven Supply Chains providing quick and affordable entry to markets.


Frequently asked questions

What are the Contract Logistics Services Offered?

Contract Logistics is a great solution for the seamless movement of goods from production to consumption. At Lastmile, we have expert staff who can offer this comprehensive solution through our various divisions and specialized services, thus creating a value chain that spans from the production line to distribution at the final point of sale. The principal services in Contract Logistics include Specialised Warehousing, Fulfilment, and Reverse Logistics.

What kind of Specialised Warehousing Services are offered?

The selection of the format of warehousing is based on the Inventory Velocity at that stage of warehousing and the type of Products handled. Lastmile provides services in formats like Distribution Centres for Upstream Consolidation and anticipatory distribution of goods, High Flow-through Fulfilment Centres for Last Mile fulfillment Direct to Consumers and Retail. We also provide Managed Services for In-Plant Warehousing of Raw Material Stores and Finished Goods inventory.

What services does the Solution Design Team provide?

Logistics solution design consists of auditing your existing Supply Chain Existing requirement with a view to increasing its efficiency by quickly and accurately proposing a solution. Network analysis, Warehousing Capacity sizing, Warehouse flows design, WMS integration, and Location selection based on delivery footprint are some of the services provided by the Solution Design Team in Contract Logistics.

How are the Measures of Performance monitored and managed?

At Lastmile Warehousing, we have designed and implemented Performance Measurement benchmarks based on our experience working with our customers. All Contracts will detail the KPIs to be achieved and data from the WMS and other enabling applications like Gate management and Yard Management are captured and analyzed in our Analytics dashboard to provide the customer with the Performance Measurement of our services.

Out bound Transportation services are provided by Lastmile?

Lastmile is a Distribution Services Company. We provide end to end distribution services including warehousing and transportation. Lastmile provides First Mile, Middle Mile, and Last Mile Transportation SErvices for delivering your orders to your customers.

Are Made-to-Suit Customized Warehouses part of LMT Portfolio?

The Infrastructure team at LMT caters to the design, construction, and operationalizing Made to Suit facilities for Customers. We can work on a Turkey Solution model or can provide BOT/BOC models as per requirement. Warehouse equipment Leasing is a portfolio of LMT wherein we provide the entire equipment and automation requirement on lease.

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